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CNC is word acronym for Computer Numerical Control. So, simply the CNC machines are the type of machines which are numerically operated by means of computer input commands. In the previous times, the machines were operated by physical means and commands were to be given by the user physically to the machines but due to technological advances and the common use of computers have also brought about change in this field. Now the program usually software is fed to the computer and then the machines are operated by giving commands to the machines via computer. This advancement has been greatly advantageous as the results obtained are now more accurate and machines are now much easier to operate. Different input function inputs are now told by a computer to the machine which processes these input parameters like the width, the depth of cut, the slide movement etc.

The concept of computer numerical control machines (CNC machines) was first devised in 1947 by the John C. Parson who was a rotor manufacturer for the helicopters. In case he was unable to make his templates quickly, he gave birth to this new revolutionary concept. And by then this technique is being used worldwide in almost every well-organized mechanical industrial work. The CNC machines have now been employed over worldwide in order to increase the production by the quick accomplishments of the mechanical tasks.

CNC machines have proved to be very engaging in meeting the increasingly customer demand. A lot of research is going on in this particular field for the further improvement of process. The program which constitutes of complex mathematical modeling and numerical techniques are employed. The numerical program is fed to the computer. The operator provides the parameters input to the computer software which further is dictated to the machine to perform the physical operations on the sample being processed in accordance with the operator desire.

There are several types of CNC machines for sale but the most common ones are enlisted as:

  • Milling Machines
  • Carving Machines

  • Drilling Machines
  • Compact Routers

  • Wire Cut Machines
  • Flame And Laser Cut Machines

  • Wire Cut Machines
  • Flame And Laser Cut Machines

The program is input to the machines via different methods like manual data input, CAD/CAM method, and transfer of program data from PC to DNC operations. The most significant thing to be discussed regarding to the CNC machines operation is their motion control. This is the fundamental concept of operation in these automated machines. Motion control is the term referred to as the controlling of moving (motion) of the sample under mechanical operation within the machine. The sample subjected to cutting or drilling etc. is to be rotated along the axes either or to be moved linearly. There can also be the combination of both of these motion control tactics while processing it.

For better understanding take an example. A piece of metal is to be cut in an irregular shaped body. So the both motion controls would be applied. The laser will be implied on it which will cut the piece and in the mean while the piece will be in moving linearly, rotating or either both according to shape in which it is to be cut. There are different advantages of CNC machines for sale: they are highly accurate, work load is much reduces, easy to operate, work can be completed in short span of time, better results, high productivity, the paper task is reduced and reductions in processing time. Along with the advantages there are some disadvantages also as the installation cost is much higher, the operators are needed to be highly skillful, the maintenance cost is increased and maintenance is much more difficult.